Call of Duty Ghosts Game Free Download

After the massive breakthrough by Call of Duty Black Ops II, Treyarch launched another version, under the identity of Call of Duty Ghosts. This is the 10th game in the COD franchise, and it made a sensational hit among the gamers, with its innovative map events, character customizations and superior combat mechanism.

Call of Duty Ghosts is developed on entirely a new plot and with completely new backgrounds while retaining certain features of its previous version Black Ops II. Along with outstanding graphics quality, the artillery has been equipped with an advanced weapon called Marksman Rifle to bridge the gap between the assault rifle and sniper.

This firearm provides deadly combat moves, if used strategically. All such latest developments including special battlefield abilities enhances the game performance making it a world class reputable game of 2013.

Features of Call of Duty Ghosts:

There are several advanced features that have been incorporated in the latest version which adds complexity and superior performance to the game. Some of the key features are enumerated as:
• Dynamic Maps – One of the killer streaks of this game is the variability of the map, which varies with time such as collapse of buildings, explosion of gas tank etc. Developing survival strategies helps to advance in such game.

Odin Strike – This feature provide better performance during multiplayer mode, enhancing to locate position of your enemies using Odin Satellite. Combining with dynamic maps, it is a tough striking feature of the game.
Underwater shooting – To provide real life simulation, underwater shooting has been added. Sharks are also provided which attacks the players, thereby making it more complicated.
Riley the German shepherd – A canine drone, called Riley has been incorporated in the game, which traces the enemies. It is highly trained and got a harness in its back, which enables to view through its eyes. Like soldiers, it can respawn.
Avatar customization – Ghost adds a new feature called “team customization” enabling to create your personalized team, alongside changing weapons, gender and appearance of the player.
Travel in Space – There is a mission in which the players have to travel to the space to salvage control of the Odin Satellite Weapon. So the game spawns over land, sea and even space!
Extinct mode – This Sci-Fci mode has mission in which you’ve to fight with the aliens and render them dead, thus eradicating their race from Earth.

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